Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Chip Shop

My dad was in town for a visit this last weekend. This was his first time visiting us since we moved to Brooklyn, and we had a great time walking around exploring our new surrounds and eating lots of delicious food. On Saturday he requested fish and chips for lunch. We knew that The Chip Shop would be a good spot to satisfy his craving and it was right on the way for our walk to Prospect Park. His visit conveniently coincided with restaurant week here in Brooklyn, and once we arrived at the Chip Shop we learned that they were participating in Dine In Brooklyn. The special at The Chip Shop was for 2 three course lunches for $20.11. Dad and I ordered twin lunches. We each got the salad, fish and chips and the rhubarb crumble with custard sauce. My husband ordered the deep fried haggis with salad.

Dad and I were very pleased with our lunches. The salad was simple with nicely dressed greens; the fish had a crispy shell of batter with tender, flaky cod; and the chips were full of potato flavor. The portion was quite large and I couldn't finish mine. I think they could make it smaller for the three course special. Because we were already so full, we decided to ask to take one dessert to go. The rhubarb crumble was good. I could have gone for even more custard sauce and less crumble, but that's just my personal preference.

My husband was a bit disappointed with his lunch. We had visited The Chip Shop once before about a year ago and he ordered the haggis that time too. He thought it wasn't as good this time around. Last time we visited their Atlantic Avenue location. Maybe the haggis is just better there, but he decided he would order something different next time.

Dine In Brooklyn continues until March 31st. It's a great opportunity to try some local restaurants.

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Jenn @leftoverqueen said...

There is nothing like a good plate of fish and chips! Yum!

Laura said...

The Chip Shop is my single most favorite restaurant in all of Brooklyn. I've only been to the Atlantic Ave location once since the other location was the only one for most of the time I lived there. My standard order there was the chicken curry over chips, a Boddingtons in a can, and a deep fried snickers for dessert. Perfection in a meal right there. Yum!

wacki04@TheKing'sCourt IV said...

Looks great! I'd love for you share this at What's Cooking Wednesday!

New follower from Welcome Wednesday! Hope you can stop by and return the follow :)


Em and Lib said...

that looks GREAT! kinda jealous...

Fuegita said...

Oh my, that looks delicious!

I am following you from the Welcome Wednesday. When you get a chance please follow me back. Thanks!

The 21st Century Housewife© said...

I remember having fish and chips with my late Dad - it was one of his favourite things - although we never did get round to having them in Brooklyn! He liked the fish and chips over here in England though. Last time my husband, son and I were in NYC we had the fish and chips at A Salt and Battery in Greenwich village - they were divine. The Chip Shop's fish and chips sure look good in your picture! Thank you for sharing this with Let's Do Brunch - the linky is now up for this week, so please do come along and join in if you haven't already :)

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