Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend Breakfasts

I have fond memories of weekend breakfasts growing up. During the week we would generally eat some cold cereal with milk, but on weekends we would go all out. Without the pressure of having to get out the door to catch the school bus, we would spend time making all sorts of breakfast treats. My brother and I were in charge of the cooking, and if we were lucky Mom and Dad were in charge of clean-up. We made waffles, crepes, pancakes or French toast most weekends. We would top these with maple syrup or yogurt and fruit, and often have a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice on the side.

Fast forward to married life, and I still love weekend breakfasts. My husband doesn't have much of a sweet tooth, so now we tend to have egg based dishes such as frittatas or omelettes with a side of potatoes or bacon. Recently I have been craving French toast, but my husband will not eat it, so last weekend we decided to each make our own breakfasts.

I chose French toast served with blueberries and whipped cream and a glass of orange juice with seltzer. The blueberries were picked by my mother-in-law last summer and have been waiting in the freezer for a winter day to shine. I let them defrost and simply mashed them a bit with a fork. It was a delicious treat.

My husband chose scrambled eggs with ketchup, fried mashed potatoes, andouille sausage, and bread and butter.

As I write this, I'm realizing just how many of my pregnancy cravings are linked to foods with fond childhood memories. I wonder if that is a general phenomenon?

What are your family favorite breakfast traditions?


Mother Rimmy said...

Lovely breakfasts - both of them. We are big weekend breakfast fans in our house too. A lovely breakfast just seems to start the weekend off right.

Have a good weekend. :)


Laura said...

My dad loves bananas, so we always had them in the house. When we were down to just a couple mushy ones, he would get up on a Saturday and mush them into pancake batter. He made them on Christmas morning, this year, and the taste instantly took me back to childhood. So good!

When no mushy bananas were available, he also made an awesome french toast, good waffles, and a dish called Pappy eggs which was supposedly perfected by my great grandfather. It involves semi runny poached eggs chopped and mixed with cut up buttered toast. Yum.

Kim @ Quit Eating Out {Recipes to Make Dining Out a Choice, Not a Chore} said...

Your breakfast looks wonderful.... wishing I had that plate in front of me now! Thanks for linking this great idea to Saturday Swap. Have a great weekend!!!

girlichef said...

Well, if I was going all out, I'd have a smaller portion of both plates! Minus the ketchup...I'd fill that in with hot sauce! I crave different options at different times, depending on my mood, I suppose...but I do love a good, big breakfast on the weekends :D

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