Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oyster Bay

We took a day trip to Oyster Bay today. We had fun walking around, seeing the town, visiting Sagamore Hill , swimming and trying out the local cuisine. It was a hot one, so the swimming was definitely the highlight.

We picked a place for lunch that looked fitting for Teddy Roosevelt's former home, Canterbury's Oyster Bar. It had dark wood trim, fish prints, historic photos of the village, a bison head, etc. I expected the menu to offer some great seafood and steak options. They did have a few promising options, but they also had some unusual pairings like a swordfish sandwich with hummus, guacamole and bacon. Really?

This was my salad. Beautiful, right? It was kind of flavorless, but it gave me some inspiration for something I could make at home that would be even better.

My husband chose the clam roll. I'm allergic to shell fish, so we never really have it at home. When we are at the shore, I always encourage him to get shellfish (partly to ease my conscience that I'm not depriving him). This was not the treat I was hoping for. He said it reminded him of a school lunch (apparently they got clam rolls for school lunch).

Canterbury's gets an A+ for ambiance, but only passes on the food.

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