Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Locavore's Handbook

I planned the quick meal of fried rice for dinner (which my husband ended up making) because I wanted to attend a reading. Leda Meredith spoke and read excerpts of her book, The Locavore’s Handbook: A Busy Person’s Guide to Eating Local on a Budget, at the Bluestockings Book Store. The book talk was entertaining. She spoke about the health, environmental and economic reasons to eat local food. She shared her experience of eating a strict local food diet, in her case food within 250 miles of NYC. She blogged along the way and ended up writing her first book about it. At readings for the first book, attendees always questioned how to afford the money and time to eat local food. Her answers are contained in the new book. The most interesting thing she shared tonight was The Locavore's Guide to New York City. I just quickly checked-out the website, and it's a great resource. She lets you know which local products are available on each day at the greenmarkets. Very helpful.

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